About // History

Cigarettes & Clip-Art was formed mid-2008 as a forum to remix the Bukkake Earlobe track "Tanks for the Mammaries" (ironically enough this was a cover remix of a cover...wait what?!?!). Allen Thompson (ex-Screaming Underwater, Sadist Factory, current-One Grisly Day, Beardslicer, others...) took some noisey-noise (literally) and made some more noisey-noise. Personally, he wasn't too pleased with the first release being a single, and the only release. So, on that note, he thought about what a band does, and the first thing that came to mind was...find more members. Allen Thompson was the sole proprietor of Cigarettes & Clip-Art, and what came to mind after that was...don't find more members. This will work as a individual effort. With enough friends and friendly musicians across the globe, Allen set out to create the debut album, Hole Sections. Released, May 2009, on Skrow! Media, the album is a dark electronic journey, a soundtrack for a film not-yet-made.

Immediately work commenced on creating more material. The second half of 2009 was spent writing and recording, not one, but two more efforts. Motivational Poster and XXXXXXXXX? are works of experimental, avant-garde music. Dabbling in avant-prog but retaining the electronic foundation that the band was created upon. The sessions also yielded an EP featuring the elusive session musician heard on Motivational Poster and XXXXXXXXX?, saxophone player King Tootin'An Honkin.
Both albums and EP are due out mid-2010 on Skrow! Media.